Posted: Dec 02 2016
by: Edward Gober

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Increasing Personal Training Production Hours


Here are a handful of immediately actionable strategies....the "basics" to increase production hours.

Exercise Outreach: Exercise outreach is the olive branch that provides us the opportunity to foster a new relationship by providing an immediate demonstration of your knowledge, skills, and abilities.

Providing members with a series of alternative movements to complement their current routine - a "micro workout"- sets the table for a reciprocal relationship. The personal trainer extends their professional service and perhaps the member reciprocates by agreeing to a formal complementary appointment- the personal trainer's sales tool.

Renew Past Relationships: Health club business records should identify both stalled and discontinued clientele associated with each personal trainer on staff. Renewing the relationships with past clientele to show newly acquired skill sets provides an opportunity to accelerate production.

Dynamic Warm ups: Cardio areas are an open market for increased production hours. An extension of the micro workouts- a dynamic warm up provides an alternative to the routine run on the treadmill creating an engaging way to connect as well as a coaching opportunity for the personal trainer.

Engaging Activities: Educational workshops, member contests, and specialty demonstrations in common areas all serve as unique ways to internally market your skill set to the fitness enthusiasts that enjoy our health clubs each day.

Prospect Current Clientele: A positive professional relationship with current clientele provides as an opportunity to turn those who have experienced your service into ambassadors of your personal brand. "Is there anyone who you believe would benefits from my service?"

Supplemental Workouts: The addition of a supplemental workout - one that complements a client's current programming- allows for increased production, but reengages our clients by offering new movements that both challenge and help maintain a commitment to fitness. Earn an additional credential to establish increased frequency in your clients program.

Guided Workouts : Prospective members often would like to give our facilities a "test drive" prior to making a commitment. The "guided workout" -a first workout with a non member- allows the personal trainer to be one of the initial points of contact during the prospects inquiry into our health clubs. No tour of a facility is more engaging than a workout with a New York Health and Racquet Club personal trainer.

Teamwork Pays Dividends: As a results driven program it is imperative that we encourage our clientele to maintain the training frequency we prescribe for them. When a personal trainer takes a personal day or a vacation we still need to keep our clients on pace to reach their desired results. Allowing a suitable personal trainer to instruct your clientele while away can pay dividends when a team member asks you to assist their clientele during a time off.

Understand your strategy is to increase production hours- funded revenue sessions performed. The goal is not to simply acquire new clients. The average frequency per client should be noted while programming must be reviewed to determine where additional inventory can be consumed to expedite client results and increase personal trainer income.


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