Host Trainer Nation Events - FAQs


I understand the value associated with the Trainer Nation course curriculum. Are there any additional benefits to hosting an event at my health club?

Below are a series of benefits provided to health clubs that host Trainer Nation:

No cost to host Trainer Nation (R)evolution or any supplemental course offering

Courses accredited by world leading personal training organizations

Professional and financial success for your health club and personal trainers

Receive an itemized tax deduction as a work related educational expense

Host a private event for your staff or open to area personal trainers as a recruiting strategy

Complimentary admissions with minimum number of attendees

Custom marketing materials for social, print and email distribution

Global recognition among our 100,000 + fans, followers, and graduates as a host site

Registrations handled online or speak with a representative via phone


Who typically hosts Trainer Nation (R)evolution?

Trainer Nation (R)evolution - as well as our supplemental courses- are presented in single and multi unit health club organizations and are requested internationally by universities and industry conferences such as IHRSA, Club Industry, Forum Club (Italy), Rex Roundtables (EU).

Our clients range from companies desperate to restructure fractured processes to successful global brands that seek a competitive advantage through innovative business education. The audience for our curriculum includes personal trainers, membership and ancillary service sales representatives, regional and club level management, as well as single and multi-unit ownership and operators.

Our alumni are fitness professionals with a wanting to advance their careers both professionally and financially.

Can a health club host a Trainer Nation course as an open or closed event?

Many health clubs choose to host our event with an open enrollment - allowing fitness professionals not employed by the host facility to attend. This strategy allows health club operators to recruit fitness professionals who are committed to their sales, marketing, and branding education from surrounding areas.

Host sites may also choose to close their event - allowing only current staff to participate - so that they can maintain a competitive advantage over neighboring health club facilities. 

How far in advance will a health club need to agree to host an event?

A forty five day lead time is needed to establish a Trainer Nation event. After speaking with us- you will receive our event agreement, marketing support, as well as two complimentary admission tickets - $650 value ( when enrolling 15 + participants).

How do host facilities pay for the Trainer Nation (R)evolution event?

Host facilities typically pay the attendance fee in full or subsidize a portion of the admission fee for their club level staff. A health club can also host an event at no cost - requiring their staff to pay their admission fee. 

How do participants sign up for an event if the host facility does not pay the attendance fee?

Participants can sign up by calling the Trainer Nation offices at 1.877.717.5515 or by emailing to speak with an Event Coordinator. We also create a designated online event page for your health club.


Are there a minimum number of registrations needed?

There must be a minimum of 12 participants to host any Trainer Nation event. 

What if the health club does not meet the minimum registrations within the designated time frame?

Trainer Nation reserves the right to cancel any event if the required registrations are not met within two weeks of the event date. 

What is the health club responsible for in hosting an event?

Trainer Nation provides marketing support, course manuals and exams, supplies for practical applications, projectors and screen (if host facility can not provide), as well as certificates of completion.

The host facility is responsible for signing the event agreement, acquiring the required participants, and providing a comfortable setting - equipped with the appropriate number of tables and chairs - that can accommodate a maximum of 30 participants. 

How can a health club be assured participants are prepared to execute on the material after the event?

Trainer Nation (R)evolution combines a lectures series with an intense interactive component that ensures competency in each phase of the system. All five courses carry written and practical assessments to measure the ability to execute. 

Can a health club choose which courses they would like to host?

Trainer Nation (R)evolution is presented as a five course education suite. Any supplemental course- listed in our current prospectus- can be presented as a stand alone event.

How can a health club begin the process to host Trainer Nation (R)evolution or a supplemental course?

To learn more about supporting your personal training team by hosting Trainer Nation (R)evolution or to establish an open event contact via email at, via phone at 1.877.717.5515 or complete the form below.