• Defining The Personal Trainer's Professional Service Brand

Defining The Personal Trainer's Professional Service Brand


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A compelling personal brand distances the professional from the unremarkable masses sharing identical credentials. Allow prospects to discover how your personal trainers are unique, relevant, and differentiated from each other - as well as your competition.

The second phase of Trainer Nation (R)evolution provides the strategy needed to successfully develop and manage the brand of the individual fitness professional. Secure a robust pipeline of new opportunities - while reducing client attrition- by defining a commanding professional service brand.


Course Sections Include:

- Critical Reasons To Establish A Personal Brand

- Eliminating Your Mission Statement

- Three C’s Of A Personal Trainer’s Principal Identity

- Branding Versus Marketing 

- Creating An Effective Differentiation Strategy

- “Fire Your Clients” 

- Managing Authenticity

- Visibility Versus Professional Ability

- Quantifying Presence

- Strategies to Shorten The Sales Process


Available Via: Digital Download or Live Event

Assessment Method: Written examination 

Qualification Received: Must obtain a passing grade of 75% to obtain certificate of completion / CEC credit

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